LowBrow Rhapsody

Like fragments of an epic poem, musical improvisation, this series of fragmented and spontaneous works are acts of breaking free from conventional genres of art. It is highly subjective montages and random juxtapositions of ideas, elements, and subjects like in a dream.
The subconscious mode of the mind dictates the flow and outcome of each piece. The conscious mode simply visualizes these spontaneous dreamings and given them permanent persona on canvas. There are no definite meanings, everything is open to interpretations; how the viewers appreciate them or weave stories of their own is allowed. There are no right or wrong stories.
These series are simply workings of randomness like the erratic nature of the mind permeating freely anywhere; touching on everything, in and out of oneself, in waking, lucid dreams, and deep dreaming.
 – Roger Rishab Tibon

Rishab Tibon, commonly known for his ‘nom de plume’ Rishab, is a visual artist fond of making surrealistic and metaphorical paintings. He draws his inspirations from the daily realities of life and transforms them into imaginative, Neosurrealism visual narratives.

Rishab has exhibited in Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, Taipei, South Korea, Australia, Hongkong, and the United States. He was invited to a group show honoring the Mexican artist Kahlo at Chim Maya Gallery in Los Angeles, joining 50 artists from other countries.

Tibon was the only Filipino artist invited to participate in the 2012 Art Revolution in Taipei. He was also invited to participate in Taipei’s Guandu Sculpture Festival for four consecutive years.

He won the Grand Prize in the Green Cordillera Painting Competition in 2000; First Prize in the Baguio Painting Contest in 2009; honorable mention in the AAP Annual in 2009; finalist in Philip Morris in 2005.

The exhibition opens on the 22nd of June. In light of gallery safety protocol, guests can be entertained strictly by appointment only through 0916 6474984 or artebettinagallery@gmail.com. Online browsing through the gallery’s social media is encouraged.