Contemporary art is a dynamic and evolving entity, always in a state of flux, and not characterized by a single organizing principle or accepted standard of quality and excellence. Moreover, beyond the physical artifacts of paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs, installations and on-site projects, contemporary art is, foremost, an experience, an encounter, and a confrontation with the complex realities of life: its tensions and conflicts, its sorrows and ecstasies, its joys and celebrations – an understanding of which leads us to a more meaningful, more examined life.

All these are reflected and filtered through the visions and intuitions of the contemporary artist, gifted with both sensitivity of emotion, depth of perception, and in many instances, superlative technical skills.

Arte Bettina is committed to the fostering of the Filipino contemporary artist: his/her discovery, artistic nurturance and development, the furtherance of their stature, and the advancement of their career.

More importantly, Arte Betttina acts as a guide and consultant to the ever burgeoning rank of avid Filipino collectors, all keen on the sharpening of their aesthetic appreciation and – certainly to be acknowledged – of their wise investment decisions.

In line with this worthy mission, Arte Bettina – with its impressive exhibition space, ideally located at the third level of Greenbelt 5, Makati, at the heart of the country’s premier business and commercial district – is equipped with an impressive armory of services and offerings: an efficient, well-trained staff, a constantly replenished stock of works by the country’s established masters and emerging talents, and a sustained year-round series of intelligently curated shows.

Navigate the exciting and adventurous terrain of Philippine modern and contemporary art. Let Arte Bettina be your lodestar!


#UnravellingBettina. 3rd Level, Greenbelt 5, Makati City.

11 June 2019. Everyone is invited.